ultrauv filter

Ultra UV Water Sanitizer

Paramount’s Ultra UV Water Sanitizer provides an additional layer of protection beyond the capability of chlorine or salt based chlorine generators. As water circulates through the Ultra UV chamber the UV light immediately inactivates 99.9% of micro-organisms and algae which are resistant to chlorine. This provides a cleaner, clearer swimming environment with zero harmful by-products and reduces the amount of chlorine needed to maintain an adequate level of residual sanitizer.

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bison burger

Bison Burger...with Shrimp and Longanzina

Featuring bison, shrimp, and longaniza, this burger is an all-in-one surf ‘n’ turf on a bun, and it tastes 100% phenomenal. Longaniza refers to Mexican pork sausage, flavored with chiles and spices, somewhat similar to a mild chorizo. It goes well with shrimp and the leaner bison burger, adding a savory, mildly spicy flavor. We Traeger’ed everything over luscious wood smoke to pull all the flavors together into something that goes beyond “burger.”

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